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Growing up by the Guava Tree

Growing up by the guava tree in by backyard, on the other side of the world, little did I know that one day I would be writing this montage of my life, sitting on the other side. Over here, I will try to give you a brief glimpse into some important events, and some fleeting events, in my life… as if one were sitting on the window seat of my life’s train, and watching my life play out on the side-screen.

Oh well! Where do I start? But of course, the Guava tree in the backyard of my ancestral house, where I grew up. I remember trying to climb it and failing miserably. I could only reach up to the low-lying fruits. There were times when I got some help to reach up from my brother and could reach the other, out of reach fruits. But I always wondered, if I could ever reach the top branches and to the more delicious guavas. I envied the parrots, and the pigeons, who could just sit on the fruit and enjoy the delicious, fresh, and ripe guava. But as they say, one should never give up, but keep trying and trying, till one succeeds. And I did succeed! I did grow up and succeeded in getting to the top branches one day. Oh! What a great accomplishment it was!! To pluck ripe guavas from the top branches of the guava tree…. even though they were half eaten by the birds!

Getting Admissions – The trials and the tribulations

Admission to any education institution is always a matter of great accomplishment. Add to it, if one is competing for a prize (or should I call it a resource!!) for which there are countless others competing contenders too, then it becomes a trial. An endless trial. A trial that has to be faced, needs to be faced, over and over again in life!

My earliest trial was competing to get into a good elementary school. The accomplishment was not that I got through, but the prize was the indelible excitement in my household that I got admission in the most coveted school of the city. At that age, I did not even comprehend the extent of this achievement. I was more than happy to get a new school uniform with new colors.

My next trial was to follow in the footsteps of my elders, my siblings, and just to carry on the legacy of getting into the medical field. It was a childhood fantasy. There was just no second thought. Medical field was just like those guavas hanging at the top of the tree, hard to reach. There was so much competition. (If anyone knows about the competitive entrance exams of India, they know what I am referring to here!!) Well, this trial was not to end in jubilation. This was a case of great tribulation, not once, but twice!!

The end is a new beginning. The end of my dream fantasy of medicine, simultaneously opened the doors of the new and emerging field of Computer Science. This is where my tryst with computers began. Again, the trials were not easy. Again, I faced the same rigorous competitions with the never-look-back attitude. Fortunately, my earlier tribulations helped me gain enough height to climb my very own guava tree.

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